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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello all.

This is my first blog (ever) and I'm just learning. I'm extremely happy to finally join everyone in the 21st century and will strive to get up to speed so I don't look like a complete newbie as swiftly as possible. In the meantime, bear with me and I'll have some content and connections going soon.

As noted by my blog name, this is going a place for me to ramble on about an activity near and dear to my heart: Woodworking. I'm especially interested in smaller projects and pen turning currently but as my experience and knowledge base expands I'll be finding new projects and opportunities to expand my interest and talents. This age-old activity that provides not only enjoyment and creative release for those that partake in it, but useful and often profitable end-results for the long hours spent creating.

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A Comparison
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