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Saturday, November 7, 2009

First connections made

I think I've now got this blog tied in with my Etsy store (above), The WingersWoodWork (couldn't use the s on the end, it was too long) Twitter account, and the Wingers Woodworks fan page I set up on facebook. It's my hope that all this inter-connectedness will allow me to keep everyone up to date on my lattest creations (Facebook and Twitter) and provide a place they can be purchased (The Etsy shop). I put some of my pens on Ebay as well, but the fees over there are higher, and I really like the way Etsy presents the items through a site dedicated to hand-made items of all types. If things grow well for me, I'll consider a web site for the offerings, but that's premature while this is still in the hobby stage.

Welcome! I hope you like what I have to offer. I wellcome comments of encouragment and criticizm, but be easy on me, after all I'm learning this stuff and hate to be given a complex on my first attempt at blogging.

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A Comparison
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