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Friday, October 15, 2010

Turn wood without breaking the bank!

In The Frugal Woodturner, author Ernie Conover goes over some basic information on tool selection based on your budget level and making your own tools and various chucks, faceplates and other work holders. He also covers ways of making many of your own tools and keeping them all sharp! Lots of very good photos and illustrations are included to help you along as well.

His frugal "make your own" approach shows lots of traditional and perfectly good (and cheap) options for holding and cutting wood on the lathe that won't break the budget like many of the fancy new chucks, tools and gizmos in the stores these days can.

There are some areas where I wished he'd dove into a little more detail but, after all, we're being frugal in this endeavor. Right? There's a wealth of good books on wood-turning, so the author has stuck to teaching us how to enjoy the art of turning wood on the lathe without breaking the bank in the process.

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