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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Book Review on Turning

Just added my latest book review. On

Tauntons Complete Illustrated Guide To Turning 

Here's the text:
This is a great how-to read and super resouce to keep on hand I progress forward with wood-turning and trying out new projects and learning new techniques. It's well balanced between step by step text and lots of photo illustrations.

In the book Richard covers every part of turning from the tools needed to making your own blanks from logs through turning the pieces and finishing. He highlights some recommendations on the basics needed to get started so you end up blindly buying a bunch of "stuff" you'll end up never using. Allowing you to progress without destroying your budget in the process.

He goes on to cover the various forms of turning such as spindle and face turning and the correct chisels and gouges to use for the various cuts. There's even some drawings and examples on proper holding and angle of approach to reduce the chances of hurting yourself or destroying your piece. There's even coverage on items for safety while working at the lathe.

The book continues with demonstrating the making of several projects, each employing the various techniques taught earlier in the book.

I would have liked to have seen more detail and discussion in the finishing section as it was a quick mention of a couple of the authors favorite finishes and how to apply them, but not much coverage of the myriad different finishing products on the market and their differences. He does, however provide enough info to get you started.

Overall, this is a very well organized and illustrated book on wood turning in general, and a great resource for the beginning wood turner.

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